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Visiting Panoptikum Hamburg

Step into a world where time stands still and history comes alive at Panoptikum Hamburg. This extraordinary museum houses an astonishing collection of lifelike wax figures, capturing the essence of iconic personalities, historical figures, and pop culture icons, allowing you to embark on a mesmerizing journey through time.

Read on to know everything about the museum, how to get there, the timings and more.

Why Visit Panoptikum Hamburg?

Panoptikum Hamburg
  • Olden Charm: Step into history and explore Germany's oldest waxworks, the iconic Panoptikum in Hamburg, boasting over 120 lifelike celebrity figures.
  • Starry Fest: Marvel at the incredibly detailed wax replicas of renowned personalities like Angelina Jolie, Otto Waalkes, Angela Merkel, and more.
  • Delving into the Art: Gain fascinating insights into the art of creating wax figures as you witness the craftsmanship of skilled professionals.
  • Medical Know-How: Experience an adrenaline rush as you venture into the chilling atmosphere of the scary corner, and delve into the intriguing world of the medical-anatomical cabinet, completing this captivating exhibition.

Panoptikum Hamburg Highlights

Panoptikum Hamburg

Star-Studded Icons

Immerse yourself in a star-studded journey as you walk through the wax exhibition at Panoptikum. Encounter legendary figures from the worlds of movies and music, including Madonna, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and Julia Roberts, all expertly brought to life in astonishing detail.

Panoptikum Hamburg

Hamburg Legends

Uncover the rich cultural heritage of Hamburg by discovering lifelike wax figures of local legends at Panoptikum. Encounter the iconic Udo Lindenberg, the beloved Otto Waalkes, and the unforgettable Jan Fedder, capturing the essence of their personalities and contributions to the city's vibrant arts and entertainment scene.

Panoptikum Hamburg

Political Time Travel

Delve into Germany's political history as you witness the presence of prominent leaders and influencers at Panoptikum. Explore the wax figures of Angela Merkel, along with her predecessors, engaging in spirited debates. Marvel at the inclusion of international politicians like Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States, offering a global perspective on governance and diplomacy.

Panoptikum Hamburg

Artistic and Musical Brilliance

Experience the sheer brilliance of artistic and musical geniuses at Panoptikum. Stand in awe before the wax replicas of Albert Einstein, the brilliant mind behind the theory of relativity, alongside the musical prodigy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the renowned German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Marvel at their contributions to their respective fields and their enduring legacies.

Panoptikum Hamburg

Intriguing Anatomical Wonders

Prepare to be captivated by the intriguing and thought-provoking side of Panoptikum. Encounter medically and anatomically accurate body parts on display, challenging the boundaries of reality and imagination. Witness a person with a second face and a man with three eyes, prompting contemplation about the origins and mysteries behind these enigmatic exhibits.

Plan Your Visit To Panoptikum Hamburg

Getting There
Panoptikum Hamburg
  • General Timings:
    Monday to Friday: 10 AM to 8 PM
    Saturday: 10 AM to 10 PM
    Sunday: 10 AM to 8 PM
  • Closed On: December 24th
  • Best Time To Visit: Early morning or late evening on weekdays.
Panoptikum Hamburg

Address: Spielbudenpl. 3, 20359 Hamburg, Germany 

Find on Map

  • By Metro: Line U3
    Nearest Stop: St. Pauli
  • By S-Bahn: Lines S1, S2 and S3
    Nearest Stop: Reeperbahn
  • By Bus: 17, 601, 607, 608, 609
    Nearest Stop: St. Pauli and Kleine Seilerstraße
  • By Car: Distance From Airport: Hamburg Airport - 10.8 km (24 minutes)
    Car Parking: Reeperbahn garages P 2 GmbH, APCOA Autoparking GmbH Nomis Quartier, and CONTIPARK Tiefgarage Tanzende Türme
Panoptikum Hamburg
  • Please avoid touching the wax figures to ensure their preservation.
  • Bringing outside food or drinks into the museum is not permitted.
  • Photography is allowed during the visit.
  • Follow the designated pathways and kindly refrain from entering restricted areas.
  • For the safety of children and the exhibits, please ensure they are supervised by adults at all times.
  • Be considerate of others by maintaining appropriate noise levels and avoiding disruptions.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the museum premises.
  • You are welcome to bring your dog to the Panoptikum, as long as it is kept on a short lead for the comfort and safety of all visitors.
Panoptikum Hamburg
  • Miniatur Wunderland: Immerse yourself in a world of awe-inspiring miniatures, where intricate details bring cities, landscapes, and even airports to life in a captivating display of engineering and imagination.
  • Hamburg Dungeon: Prepare for a spine-chilling adventure as you journey through Hamburg's dark history. Encounter live actors, immersive sets, and thrilling special effects that transport you to the city's darkest tales.
  • St. Pauli: Experience the vibrant heartbeat of Hamburg in St. Pauli. This bohemian neighbourhood entices with its eclectic mix of entertainment, nightlife, theatres, and iconic landmarks like the famous Reeperbahn.
  • Elbphilharmonie: Marvel at the architectural masterpiece that graces the Hamburg skyline. The Elbphilharmonie's stunning design, exceptional acoustics, and world-class performances make it a cultural beacon and a must-visit destination for music enthusiasts.
Panoptikum Hamburg
  • Disability pass holders with a "B" symbol can bring an accompanying person free of charge.
  • Limited wheelchair accessibility due to stairs, but the entrance area is accessible with three steps. Wheelchair users enjoy free entry.
  • Visitors with visual impairment can register in advance for assistance and tactile experience with the wax figures.
  • Prams and buggies can be left at the main desk for convenience and due to staircases within the Panoptikum.

Visitor Tips

  • Refrain from bringing large bags to the museum as there are no cloakroom facilities available.
  • Maximize your time and avoid waiting in line by buying your tickets online ahead of your visit.
  • Engage with the friendly museum staff, ask questions, chat with them, and gain insider knowledge about the best photo opportunities.
  • Opt for an early morning or late afternoon visit for a more serene and unhurried experience.
  • Immerse yourself in the exhibits, delve into the captivating stories behind each figure, and appreciate the intricate artistry involved in crafting these incredibly lifelike sculptures.

All Your Questions About Panoptikum Hamburg Tickets Answered

Where can I buy Panoptikum Hamburg tickets?

You can buy Panoptikum Hamburg tickets online.

Can I buy Panoptikum Hamburg tickets online?

Yes. You can buy Panoptikum Hamburg tickets online. Online tickets come with deals and discounts.

What is the cost of Panoptikum Hamburg tickets?

Panoptikum Hamburg entry tickets cost €7.50.

Can I get a discount on Panoptikum Hamburg tickets?

Yes. You can get a discount on Panoptikum Hamburg tickets.

What is Panoptikum Hamburg?

Panoptikum Hamburg is Germany's oldest waxworks museum, featuring over 120 lifelike wax figures of celebrities, historical figures, and Hamburg legends, offering an immersive journey through history, culture, and entertainment.

How can I get access to Panoptikum Hamburg?

You can get access to Panoptikum Hamburg with entry tickets.

Where is Panoptikum Hamburg located?

Panoptikum Hamburg is located at Spielbudenpl. 3, 20359 Hamburg, Germany.

What are some of the highlights of Panoptikum Hamburg?

You can wax figures of celebs like Madonna, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and Julia Roberts at Panoptikum Hamburg.

How to reach Panoptikum Hamburg?

You can reach Panoptikum Hamburg by car, metro, and bus.

What are the timings of the Panoptikum Hamburg?

Panoptikum Hamburg is open Monday to Sunday from 10 AM to 8 PM.

Is Panoptikum Hamburg wheelchair accessible?

Yes. Panoptikum Hamburg is wheelchair accessible.

Is photography allowed in Panoptikum Hamburg?

Yes. Photography is allowed in Panoptikum Hamburg.

Is it worth visiting Panoptikum Hamburg?

Yes, visiting Panoptikum Hamburg is definitely worth it. It offers a unique opportunity to encounter famous personalities, explore Hamburg's cultural heritage, and experience the artistry of lifelike wax figures, providing an entertaining and educational experience for visitors of all ages.