Best Safety Standards
2G regulations apply: only fully-vaccinated and recovered guests with proof of the same will be granted access. Guests under 18 or those who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons must present a negative COVID test result at the entrance. Those who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons should also prove their inability to be vaccinated by means of a medical certificate at the entrance. Know more.

Miniatur Wunderland is the world's largest model train system and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Germany. Visitors can witness small yet detailed versions of several countries including, an airport. Have a closer look at miniature scenes of popular landscapes and buildings across the world like the Grand Canyon in the USA, the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, and more! Catch behind the scene action to see modellers and technicians working on the upcoming creations at Miniatur Wunderland. Read on to learn about your Miniatur Wunderland tickets and what to expect during your visit.

COVID-19 Safety Measures at Miniatur Wunderland

Find out about the health measures that are currently in place before booking your Measures at Miniatur tickets.

  • Miniatur Wunderland will let you get tested for Covid-19 before visiting the venue.
  • A negative Covid-19 Rapid Test is required to enter Miniatur Wunderland post the reopening.
  • Masks need to be worn by all individuals above the age of 7 within Miniatur Wunderland premises.
  • Regular sanitization is performed on all areas of Miniatur Wunderland.
  • Hand sanitiser stations have been set up at multiple points of Miniatur Wunderland.
  • Miniatur Wunderland recommends social distancing at all public places of the museum.

Why Visit Miniatur Wunderland

Your Miniatur Wunderland Tickets Explained

Your Miniatur Wunderland tickets include admission to the park for the date and time reserved. It will approximately 2 to 3 hours to cover all theme worlds. If you have purchased reduced-price tickets, please carry your valid photo ID proof for verification. Students must show their valid student IDs.

Kindly ensure that you arrive 10-15 minutes before the scheduled time to avoid any delays. Your meeting point is at Miniatur Wunderland (Kehrwieder 2-4/Block D, 20457 Hamburg, Germany). Make your way to the purple gate on the 2nd floor, and present your ticket at the entrance.

Please note: Guided tour is not included with your Miniatur Wunderland tickets

Discounted Miniatur Wunderland Tickets

Infants under the age of 4 enter for free. Visitors below 15 years can purchase a child ticket for a lesser price. Students (18 - 24) and senior citizens (65+) enjoy reduced prices on their Miniatur Wunderland tickets.

Best Way to Buy Miniatur Wunderland Tickets

The best way to purchase your Miniatur Wunderland tickets is to buy them online. This offers a safe and contactless transition. Additionally, it offers the following benefits:

  • Convenience: You can skip the long queues and purchase your tickets with a click of a button
  • Advance Booking: When you book your Miniatur Wunderland tickets online, you can choose to book in advance. As Miniatur Wunderland is a popular attraction during summer, this ensures you are not disappointed when tickets are sold out.
  • Discounts: By booking your tickets to Miniatur Wunderland online, you can avail of discounts offered by many third-party ticketing websites.

Things to Do at Miniatur Wunderland

Plan Your Visit to Miniatur Wunderland

Getting There
Best time to visit
Park rules
Miniatur Wunderland


  • Open from 9 AM to 7 PM on Tuesdays and public holidays.
  • On other days, Miniatur Wunderland is open from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM.

Duration: On average, you can easily spend 3 hours at Miniatur Wunderland.

Miniatur Wunderland
  • By Car: You can reach Miniatur Wunderland by taking the B433 via Flughafenstr.
  • By Train: You can reach Miniatur Wunderland by taking the subway route U1 or U3 and then walking to the venue.
  • By Bus: Get down at Am Sandtorkai or Speicherstadt and walk to the venue.
  • Parking: Paid limited parking is available near the entrance of Miniatur Wunderland.
Miniatur Wunderland

The months of May to September are ideal for a visit to Miniatur Wunderland, with temperatures hovering around 70°F in the city. Room rates maybe a little more, and there may be more tourists, but the amazing weather compensates for everything.

Alternatively, visiting in April or October is recommended if you wish to get away from the overcrowding at the venue.

Miniatur Wunderland
  • Charging stations for cameras and mobile phones are available on the 4th floor of Miniatur Wunderland.
  • Memory cards and other camera accessories can be purchased at stores within Miniatur Wunderland.
  • Waiting services are available with seating, free soft drinks, toilets, real-time update of waiting time.
  • A play zone is available for children visiting Miniatur Wunderland at the bistro.
  • Changing rooms and lactations rooms are provided for newborn babies visiting Miniatur Wunderland.
  • The entirety of Miniatur Wunderland is accessible via wheelchairs.
  • Paramedics are always on call at Miniatur Wunderland to help out the visitors in need.
Miniatur Wunderland
  • All areas of Miniatur Wunderland are accessible via a wheelchair.
  • An easy access elevator is available near the entrance of Miniatur Wunderland for differently-abled individuals.
  • Reserved parking for individuals with disabilities is available near the Miniatur Wunderland entrance.
  • A companion is allowed to enter with individuals with disabilities.
  • Once every 4 to 8 weeks, individuals in wheelchairs can access Miniatur Wunderland without the usual rush of visitors.
Miniatur Wunderland
  • Visitors with valid entry tickets will only be allowed within the Miniatur Wunderland premises.
  • For queue-free entry, it is recommended that the visitors reserve their entry slots before reaching the venue.
  • Guided tours of Miniatur Wunderland may be modified or canceled without prior notice.
  • Individual areas of Miniatur Wunderland may be closed for visitors for renovation or any other purposes without prior notice.
  • Dogs are allowed within Miniatur Wunderland premises, however, visitors must carry dog waste removal bags.
  • Visitors must not touch the dioramas and exhibits at Miniatur Wunderland premises.
  • Guests must follow all fire safety regulations at all areas of Miniatur Wunderland.
Miniatur Wunderland

Unlike most parks and museums, Miniatur Wunderland ensures that the prices of its food items do not exceed that of the standard prices. The bistro at Miniatur Wunderland provides an exhaustive array of food and beverages on its menu.

  • Food: The food menu consists of crowd favorites like fries, baked fish fillets, curry sausages, schnitzel, potato salad, and Pasta with tomato sauce.
  • Cold beverages: When it comes to refreshments, the bistro provides Pepsi, Mirinda, 7up, Bionade, Apple spritzer, Capri Sun, Fritz lemonade, Red Bull, and Krombacher Fassbrause.
  • Hot beverages: Hot chocolate, tea, espresso, Caffè Crema, Cappuccino, Caffè Latte, and Caffè Americano are avilable at the bistro.

Miniatur Wunderland: Visitor Tips

  • Ensure to book your Miniatur Wunderland tickets online for the date and time of your choice before arriving at the venue.
  • Avoid the weekends and school holidays if you don’t like crowds.
  • Use the wait time predictor on the official website before booking your tickets.
  • Reach just when Miniatur Wunderland opens to get the least amount of visitors.
  • Visit the most popular parts of the museum first and keep the niche choices for last.
  • Call a day before if you will be needing any assistance from Miniatur Wunderland staff.
  • Dine at the bistro at a reasonable instead of wasting time looking for a restaurant outside.
  • Avail of free shipping on your shopping by sending them directly to your address instead of lugging them around on your trip.

All Your Questions about Miniatur Wunderland Tickets Answered

Q. Is Miniatur Wunderland open post-COVID-19?

A. Yes, Miniatur Wunderland is open post-COVID-19.

Q. Is it safe to visit Miniatur Wunderland post-COVID-19?

A. Yes, Miniatur Wunderland has taken up the necessary measures to ensure public safety at all times, including regular and thorough disinfection of the premises.

Q. What is included in the Miniatur Wunderland ticket?

A. With this ticket you will gain entry and access to all the rides and attractions at Miniatur Wunderland. 

Q. What is the best way to buy Miniatur Wunderland tickets?

A. The best way to buy tickets to Miniatur Wunderland is online as you can also avail of discounts and offers and save some money. 

Q. Can I buy Miniatur Wunderland tickets online?

A. Yes tickets to Miniatur Wunderland are available online. 

Q. What is the cancellation policy for Miniatur Wunderland tickets?

A. Miniatur Wunderland has a strict cancellation policy and the tickets cannot be cancelled, amended, or rescheduled.

Q. How long are Miniatur Wunderland tickets valid for?

A. This ticket is valid on the date and time selected during checkout.

Q. Can I purchase Miniatur Wunderland tickets at the venue?

A. Yes tickets to Miniatur Wunderland are available at the venue.

Q. Do Miniatur Wunderland tickets include free parking?

A. No the tickets are not inclusive of the parking fee. 

Q. Are there any discounts offered for Miniatur Wunderland tickets?

A. Infants under the age of 4 enter for free. Visitors below 15 years can purchase a child ticket for a lesser price. Students (18 - 24) and senior citizens (65+) enjoy reduced prices on their Miniatur Wunderland tickets. Please ensure to carry a valid ID for confirmation

Q. Would children below the age of 4 need Miniatur Wunderland tickets?

A. No, Infants under the age of 4 can enter Miniatur Wunderland for free.